Berehove is an awesome place, where everyone can find something to enjoy.

A fan of history will admire the old streets, will visit the Museum of Beregove region, and soak in the spirit of the thousand years’ heritage. Founded by the old Hungarian kings, the city survived the rise and dawn of the empires, survived dozens of invasions, and witnessed the establishment of modern Europe.

Gourmet will appreciate the delicious enticements of the Transcarpathian and Hungarian cuisine. Particularly Beregove is famous for its winery traditions. A wide selection of vineyards and wine cellars can grab the attention of the amateur taster for a long time. Right in the city, we recommend visiting The Old Cellar, Zhayvoronok, Chizay.

Families with children can have a beautiful vacation in a calm and safe city, with quiet streets and friendly people. This is a wonderful chance to escape the busy city rats’ race and get closer to nature, at the same time not sacrificing the level of comfort. Children are excited to visit the aquapark Zhayvoronok.

The older generation will maybe prefer the Beregovo State Thermal Pool, especially if it was recommended by the doctors. Also, don’t forget about the magnificent Kosyno Water Park. It is just 17 kilometers from the city.

Seasoned travelers stop in Beregove to take a rest before crossing the Hungarian border, or to accumulate the mind energy and recalibrate the driving style before continuing their journey to the challenging Ukrainian roads. Also, Beregove can be a great base camp for those who explore the Transcarpathian area and neighboring mountains region by car.